Chx sitting for the first time 🐓🐓🐓 Fed and cleaned water, now how do I get the last one in the coop? 🐓 #chxintro

Its been over ten years @candydiaz @manoahine @brutusluv and everyone has grown up into their ohana w kids n all…but we always remember the good times of #halenoa This is where it all started for me after coming home from Colorado n Chicago. Serving awa where everyone knows ur name. #goodtimes #blessedkuleana #hawaii #kapahulu #awa #pipermethysticum #ono #music #eakahiko #letsdoitagain

Treats from GIAPO in Auckland make everything sweeter. Left: kiss n kiss chocolate & lemon sorbet Right: green tea gelato n winter sangria sorbet. Got my emergency passport n smile set ready for home! (at Giapo Ice Cream)

This trip to Aotearoa has whizzed by in the last two months. A #selfie on my way back to Kirikiriroa (Hamilton), complete w with winter gear p/u here: potai (hat), scarf and shell earrings gathered on the S. Island :) Currently working in a vortex of the Maori King’s coronation week. No recent posts at www.indigenous but looking forward to updating about Te Papa Museum (Wellington), He Waka Hiring a (Hamilton), thermal bathing (Rotorua) and Kingi’s coronation (Ngaruawahia). #blessed #blessedkuleana #indigenousecosystems #aotearoa #maori #whanau #hawaii #maoli #ohana

Just got to Kirikiriroa (Hamilton) and celebrating the 10 yr anniversary of Te Iti Kahurangi of Tai Nui who placed third on Kapa Haka Nationals Matateni. They also #boomed the He Manawa Whenua house down at the conference dinner. #aotearoa #maori #kapahaka #TeItiKahurangi (at Homestead Bar & Eatery)

TOMORROW ANCESTOR: Exploring the depths of the pae ʻāina


We’ve all heard about the threats of climate change and future sea-level rise however what most people don’t talk about is that sea-level has naturally fallen and risen throughout earth’s history. To better understand the past we traveled to the bottom of the sea on a small underwater vehicle to…

Great blog started by tomorrowancestor!! Up and coming Native Hawaiian scientists working as global citizens!! Check @tomorrowancestors on Instagram n

With my tita, Marisa who flew in from HNL, and major ancestral resource for my life’s mahi, Te Rangi Hiroa/ Sir Peter Buck, in Te Hiringa Waka marae, the wharenui at Victoria University and name of the conference me n tita will be kakoo at in Hamilton. #aotearoa #maori #tautoko #hawaii #maoli #kakoo #art #olelo #healing


For some reason, while posting this timeline for the life of Gerrit P. Judd I am fighting the urge to burst into song… “Where in time is Carmen Sandiego Gerrit P. Judd?” (Old habits die hard)

Regardless, the green dates symbolize important events in Judd’s life and the blue dates are important to Hawaiian history.

Kai Koura is BEAUTIFUL!! The snow capped mountains, paua and sea lions that litter the coast line :) Random Dalai Lama talk story up the coast, key teaching/ learning” Never allow someone to make u feel bad about yourself.” (at The South Island)