"Drums of the island your beating in my heart, you’re with me no matter where I go."

Chx sitting for the first time πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“ Fed and cleaned water, now how do I get the last one in the coop? πŸ“ #chxintro

Its been over ten years @candydiaz @manoahine @brutusluv and everyone has grown up into their ohana w kids n all…but we always remember the good times of #halenoa This is where it all started for me after coming home from Colorado n Chicago. Serving awa where everyone knows ur name. #goodtimes #blessedkuleana #hawaii #kapahulu #awa #pipermethysticum #ono #music #eakahiko #letsdoitagain

Treats from GIAPO in Auckland make everything sweeter. Left: kiss n kiss chocolate & lemon sorbet Right: green tea gelato n winter sangria sorbet. Got my emergency passport n smile set ready for home! (at Giapo Ice Cream)

This trip to Aotearoa has whizzed by in the last two months. A #selfie on my way back to Kirikiriroa (Hamilton), complete w with winter gear p/u here: potai (hat), scarf and shell earrings gathered on the S. Island :) Currently working in a vortex of the Maori King’s coronation week. No recent posts at www.indigenous ecosystems.com but looking forward to updating about Te Papa Museum (Wellington), He Waka Hiring a (Hamilton), thermal bathing (Rotorua) and Kingi’s coronation (Ngaruawahia). #blessed #blessedkuleana #indigenousecosystems #aotearoa #maori #whanau #hawaii #maoli #ohana

Just got to Kirikiriroa (Hamilton) and celebrating the 10 yr anniversary of Te Iti Kahurangi of Tai Nui who placed third on Kapa Haka Nationals Matateni. They also #boomed the He Manawa Whenua house down at the conference dinner. #aotearoa #maori #kapahaka #TeItiKahurangi (at Homestead Bar & Eatery)

TOMORROW ANCESTOR: Exploring the depths of the pae ʻāina


We’ve all heard about the threats of climate change and future sea-level rise however what most people don’t talk about is that sea-level has naturally fallen and risen throughout earth’s history. To better understand the past we traveled to the bottom of the sea on a small underwater vehicle to…

Great blog started by tomorrowancestor!! Up and coming Native Hawaiian scientists working as global citizens!! Check @tomorrowancestors on Instagram n tomorrowancestors.tumblr.com

With my tita, Marisa who flew in from HNL, and major ancestral resource for my life’s mahi, Te Rangi Hiroa/ Sir Peter Buck, in Te Hiringa Waka marae, the wharenui at Victoria University and name of the conference me n tita will be kakoo at in Hamilton. #aotearoa #maori #tautoko #hawaii #maoli #kakoo #art #olelo #healing